Know Who We Are

About our company

We are a company located at Jakarta, Indonesia that was originally engaged in the manufacture of plastic bag packaging, packing boxes, paperbags, and business stickers. For the plastic materials we are using several kinds namely HD, PE, OPP, PP. However with the development of environmental conditions and the start of the environmental conservation movement, in 2017 we began to issue new products namely Ecofriendly bag made from cassava. Given that the earth today really needs to be recovered from the many environmental damage that has occurred. Currently our company has served many needs of business owners for the manufacture of packaging bags made of both plastic and organic materials.

Our Mission & Vision

Our company vision is to be able to support business owners in making packaging according to their business needs


Our company always tries our best to fullfill satisfy every wish of the customer. Because trust and maintaining good communication in doing business is one of our commitments in doing business. Therefore we are happy to be invited to discuss for the betterment of business together.